Current Firefighters & EMTs
First Name Last Name Rank Call Number
Lilly Young Fire Chief  C-1
Alex Allen Assistant Chief/EMT C-2
Aaron Leonard Captain/EMT C-3
Kevin Janicke Lieutenant/VEFR C-4
Ty Langtange Lieutenant C-5
Kate Gallant Firefighter P-7
Carl Ciarcia Firefighter P-8
Justin Ouellette Firefighter P-9
Gretchen Greene Firefighter P-10
Colby Daigle Firefighter/EMT P-12
Lila Leonard Firefighter/EMT P-13
Bill Coleman Firefighter P-15
Harper Ouellette Firefighter P-14
Stacy Allen Support P-18
Louise Perry EMT P-19
Kealey Ouellette Junior Firefighter P-26

New members for firefighting and EMS are always needed and welcomed. Auxillary Members to help with support and fundraising are also welcomed. Extra help from non-members and the community is also appreciated for our fundraisers. Please contact us for more information or visit the Recruitment page above!