Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Newark Volunteer Fire Department?

New volunteers are always needed. Please visit our Recruitment page above to fill out an application, or contact us at or 802-467-0003 for more info.

Where can I get a 911 number sign for my property?

911 signs can be obtained from us for a $15 donation which includes the sign and installation on property owner installed post. Please call us at 802-467-0003 and speak with Lt. Kevin Janicke for info and to request a sign.

Where should I install a 911 address sign?

911 signs are best installed at the end of your driveway on a post, where it is clear of snow in the winter, and can be seen from the roadway in both directions.

Who assigns a 911 address number for my property?

The Town of Newark E-911 coordinator assigns 911 address numbers and can be contacted through the Newark Town Clerk’s Office at 802-467-3336.

What are the rules/laws regarding open burning of wood?

Vermont law requires towns to appoint a Forest Fire Warden who issues burn permits for open burning outside of containers such as furnaces or fire pits. The Newark Fire Warden at present is NVFD Chief Lilly Young. Chief Young can be reached at 802-467-0003 to request a burn permit. Our automated phone system will also alert you to a burn ban if there is one in effect.

State law forbids burning of items such as of garbage, tires, rubber, plastic, waste oil, asphalt materials, burn pile, including car and construction materials, asbestos, pressure-treated wood, or plywood.

More information on open burning is available at the State of Vermont’s websites

I have a disability that may be important for emergency responders to know about, how can I document it?

The Vermont Enhanced 911 system has forms that allow you to have a disability designator added to your landline phone number information that appears when you call 911. A separate form to add information to a cell phone or VoIP (internet) phone number is also available.

We can also have an informational flag added to our dispatch system by our dispatchers at Saint Johnsbury Emergency Dispatch for your name or address. No form is required.

Contact us at or 802-467-0003 for assistance with filing either form or adding information to your name or address record in our systems.