Fire Safety and Prevention

As part of our commitment to public safety, NVFD offers fire safety, education, and prevention services. These include the Fire Safe 802 program and the KnoxBox program. Annually during the National Fire Prevention Week we also conduct a fire safety demonstration for the students of the Newark Street School. If you are interested in any of these programs or have questions please contact Lieutenant Kevin Janicke at 802-467-0003.

Fire Safe 802 – Community partnership with the VT Division of Fire Safety

In early 2021 we became a participating department of Fire Safe 802 through the Vermont Division of Fire Safety. The Fire Safe 802 program provides resources to us to conduct home safety inspections and provide and install free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the residents of Newark. These services are free of charge to Newark residents and are not code or ordinance enforcement inspections. These inspections are for the homeowner to become more knowledgeable about fire prevention and make their homes safer.

Having working smoke/CO detectors in your home can save lives in the event of a fire or a CO emission in your house. According to the NFPA, having working detectors in your home can decrease the chance of a death due to a fire by 55% compared to having no working smoke detectors. We have traditional smoke and CO detectors as well as a bedside clock and bedshaker that detects the sound of traditional smoke detectors for the hard of hearing.

Please contact us to schedule a home safety inspection and detector installation or drop off of detectors. – 802-467-0003

KnoxBox – Emergency use keyboxes

We are a particpating department of the KnoxBox program. A KnoxBox is a secure keybox that you can order, keyed to the NVFD’s master keys, and install on your house or property. Go to to order, and select Vermont and enter Newark when prompted. Once you’ve ordered the box it will be shipped to you opened and ready to install. Install it in a secure but visible location and then contact us to arrange for a firefighter to come lock the box after you’ve placed your key inside.

If you need assistance or are unable to order it online, please contact us and we can place the order for you.

This program replaces our previous practice of carrying individual property keys on our apparatus and allows us to enter your home in a fire or medical emergency without damaging doors or windows. Our master keys are kept secure to prevent unauthorized access of your KnoxBox.